ReefPods Pseudodiaptomus

ReefPods™ Pseudodiaptomus – an excellent all purpose pod that will populate your tank and refugium and is an excellent food for larval fish, seahorses, sessile invertebrates, and small reef fish. Also, it is exciting to observe mated pairs clinging to the aquarium glass.

Medium-Large calanoid copepod

ReefPods™ Pseudodiaptomus is a live culture of the calanoid copepod Pseudodiaptomus pelagicus. Pseudodiaptoms adult copepods live and feed in the water column and will eat microalgae. They produce a small to medium nauplii which is an excellent food for aquarium filter feeders and fish larvae. The adults are eaten by numerous water-column feeding fish such as clowns, dwarf angels, anthias and seahorses, to name just a few.

ReefPods™ Pseudodiaptomus may be used as a starter culture to establish populations in marine aquarium refugiums or the main tank when PhycoPure™ CopePod Blend™ is added as directed. Once established they will reproduce quickly, growing from nauplii to adults in about 12 days. They are sub-tropical and will thrive in normal aquarium temperatures and a wide range of salinities. It is suggested they be added to the aquarium at night or to the refugium to avoid immediate fish predation.

ReefPods™ Pseudodiaptomus may be cultured separately in a small tank by feeding PhycoPure™ CopePod Blend™. The nauplii are smaller than 160 micrometers wide, making them suitable for many fish larvae. Adults may be harvested for feeding juvenile seahorses and other small fish.

Reef Pods™ are the only truly tropical live copepod cultures available on the market today. It opens an exciting new area of feeding possibilities for the experimental marine aquarist. Look for many new species of copepod cultures to be available from the culture professionals at AlgaGen.

Pseudodiaptomus pelagicus
Medium – calanoid copepod
Lives in the water column
Life stages: Egg (1), Nauplii (5), Copepodid (5), Adult (1)
Adults can attach to surfaces
Males will remain attached to female mates
Lifespan 20-30 days
Nauplii to reproductive age 9-12 days
Adult size: 1.2-1.5 mm
Nauplii: 75-160 microns wide
Adult females carry egg sacs
Release live nauplii

Culture preferences
Temperature 24-27C
Salinity 20-30 ppt
Light to medium aeration
Stocking densities 0.25-1.0/ml
Feed PhycoPure™ CopePod Blend™

Aquarium applications
Pseudodiaptomus is an excellent live food for all smaller aquarium inhabitants and filter feeders. An interesting habit of the adults is their ability to cling to tank surfaces. Try adding Pseudodiaptomus to your aquarium refugium where the adults can continue to produce nauplii that will enter the water column and be nutritious live prey for all your sessile invertebrates such as corals and feather dusters. Nauplii that escape predation can help replenish the adult population when adequate levels of microalgae are provided as food to support growth and reproduction. Pseudodiaptomus can also be added directly to aquariums or to larval tanks as an excellent live food. It has been successfully used as a larval fish feed where rotifers have proven to be ineffective.

Culture tips
Pseudodiaptomus is a planktivore. Highest egg production will occur when cultures are fed nutritious microalgae. When feeding Pseudodiaptomus live microalgae, such as Phycopure™ CopePod Blend™, only small amounts should be added once daily to ensure that the food is consumed prior to the subsequent feeding. Amounts can be adjusted daily based on the apparent amount remaining in the culture. Clarity of the water is a useful indication of food consumption. Pseudodiaptomus can be cultured effectively in containers as small as one gallon and only require mild aeration. It is suggested that culture containers be cleaned periodically and water renewed to maintain proper water parameters. Pseudodiaptomus can be cultured at salinities ranging from 8-38ppt and temperatures from 18-30C, but optimal culture performance will occur at 18-28ppt and 23-27C.

Acclimation upon receipt
Pseudodiaptomus tolerates a wide range of temperatures and salinities but it is recommended that water-parameter acclimation at a rate of 6ppt salinity per day or 5C per day be performed if aquarium salinities or temperatures differ by 10ppt or 10C. It is important to feed Pseudodiaptomus during the acclimation period. Healthy Pseudodiaptomus can be added directly to the main aquarium or the fish or invertebrate culture tank if the intent is only to feed the Pseudodiaptomus as a one-time food.

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