Professional 2 Liter Brine Hatcher

This is a great hatching setup! Once you use it you will never want to go back to the upside down soda bottle.

Cone shape with round bottom provides perfect circulation patterns for maximum hatch. Clear acrylic plastic cone for viewing. Valve at the bottom allows you to drain instead of siphoning. After hatch is complete, let stand and separate, unhatched cysts will sink, empty shells will float. Simply open drain to remove unhatched cysts, set them aside and then collect the artemia until you get to the shells.

Unit can hatch 2 tablespoons (35cc) of cysts. Comes with plastic drain valve, rigid PVC stand, splash cap, rigid air tube, air regulating needle valve, airline tubing and collection cup with cap.

Can also be used for microalgae or rotifers.

Hatch-Rite 3 manufactured by FAFUSA

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