Plankton Culture Manual 6th Edition

By Frank Hoff & T. Snell. Published by Florida Aqua Farms (6th edition).

Expanded version includes identification of microalgae used in aquaculture manual. Manual now includes use of microscope, slide preparation, measuring cells, stains, key to genera, description of cells variations, contaminants in cultures and photos. Provides updated step by step instructions for culturing phytoplankton (microalgae) and zooplankton including rotifers, adult brine shrimp, ciliates, copepods, daphnia, Oyster and clams veligers, amphipods, mysid shrimp and microworms. Easy to read but very informative. It provides technical data and illustrations to support it's instructions in a clear understandable format. Sections include trouble shooting and reasons for failure. Includes simple culture methods and more intensive, large scale methods and designs. This manual serves as a companion to the Conditioning, Spawning Manual. Extensive references, 8.5 x 11 format, 183 pages, 84 illustrations, 21 tables.

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