PhycoPure™ Reef Blend Phytoplankton

PhycoPure™  Reef Blend is a unique product. It contains 7 different types of microalgae as well as a dinoflagellate, zooxanthellae. It is grown in natural seawater that has been ozonated, charcoal filtered and uv treated. PhycoPure™ Reef Blend offers a wide range of particle sizes and nutritional content that, individually, have been proven very effective in various aquaculture farms, and projects. Just like humans, animals require some level of variety in a food source. It is understandable that no single food provides 100% of the necessary nutrition required for good health. Hence the blend of phytoplankton in PhycoPure™ Reef Blend

The species selected for the blend have been used successfully for years in clam, oyster, abalone, shrimp, crab, copepod, rotifer (enrichments), geoduck, mussel, conch, sea slug, sea urchin, and finned fish green water mariculture. These species are true plankton and not the types that will colonize on the sides of your tank. As a matter of interest, a number of the species in PhycoPure™ were isolated from reefs in Hawaii and Tahiti. The ratio of each species in PhycoPure™ has been fine tuned and tested prior to being marketed. Testing continues on select systems and with new species, and as beneficial results are determined, the product will be updated, enhanced.

AlgaGen’s goal in producing PhycoPure™ is to provide a high quality live, fresh, phytoplankton blend. Obviously nothing is more fresh than growing it one’s self but not everyone has the time to take this project on. AlgaGen's claim that the blend is live and have tested it for up to 6 months, after which, it will still bloom in their lab. Their concern is the following; they advertise a specific blend composition, PhycoPure™, this blend will change over time because of the fact that the algae is live, and some species in the blend are aggressive whereas, others are passive. The aggressors will out compete the passives and the blend profile will change. It is because of this that they do not inventory product, but produce it weekly and recommend that PhycoPure™ is bought in amounts that will get used up within a 1-2 month time period or less (a reference date is provided for this purpose). This way they can feel comfortable that what you are buying is fresh and is what they advertise. Please remember to store PhycoPure™ flat and keep it refrigerated. Agitate the product frequently.

To Use
5 ml (1 tsp) per 10 gallons.  Best results are obtained by spot feeding with a baster.

This is refrigerated product.  Picked up from AlgaGen and Shipped on Tuesdays via 2nd Day Air.

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