PhycoPure™ Greenwater

PhycoPure™ Greenwater from AlgaGen is a live phytoplankton additive consisting only of live, pure Nannochloropsis oculata microalgae.   Great results can be had feeding PhycoPure Greenwater to zooplankton, rotifers, copepods, amphipods, corals, shrimp, feather dusters, clams and other filter feeders.  It is also used for greenwater in certain rearing techniques.

PhycoPure Greenwater is cultured in purified natural Atlantic Ocean water and should be refrigerated. It has no preservatives, is not subjected to harsh processing steps and is batch processed to ensure quality.

Live Nannochloropsis oculata in treated natural ocean water (UV, carbon, ozone and chlorine).   Concentration 50-100 million cells per ml.

To Use
Spot feed 2-3 times per week or broadcast feed 1-2 capfuls per 10 gallons.

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