Hybrids (H. erectus X H. reidi)

Characteristics: Hybids can take on the characteristics of either H. erectus or H. reidi.  We find they most commonly are a compromise of the two.  Typically thinner in the body than H. erectus but thicker than H. reidi.  May show either the lines of H. erectus or the spots of H. reidi.  Colors tend to be bright as H. reidi when they color up.  Colors can range from black, brown, grey, green, yellow, orange, and red. Colors are not fixed and may change based on surroundings, diet, stress, mood or possibly other factors. May or may not have saddle markings.  May also have cirri but not as common as H. erectus.

Distribution: Not commonly found in the wild but can occur anywhere where the two species habitats overlap.

Habitat: Again, Not commonly found in the wild but would be found in estuaries, sea grasses, mangrove roots, sponges, gorgonians, stone corals and artificial structures.

Size: Commonly 6 to 8 inches.  Males typically larger than females.

Sexual Maturity: Around 4 months. Hybrid (H. erectus X H. reidi) fry are smaller than H. erectus but larger than H. reidi.  They do go through a pelagic phase.  We have succeeded using both copepods and enriched artemia as a first food.  Best results were with using copepods for the first few days.

Minimum Tank Size Recommendations: 18 inches vertical height. 30 gallons for a pair.  30 to 40 gallons for 2 pairs.

Water Temperature: 72 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. 22 to 25 degrees Celsius.

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