H. zosterae

Common Names: Dwarf Seahorse

Characteristics: H. zosterae are a very small seahorse. In the wild they are typically found with cirri. They tend to lose the cirri in captivity. Colors typically range from black, brown, grey, green, yellow, orange, red. Colors are not fixed and may change based surroundings, diet, stress, mood or possibly other factors.

Distribution: Southern Atlantic Coast of the US and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Habitat: Commonly found in sea grasses along coastal areas.

Size: Commonly 1 to 1.5 inches.

Sexual Maturity: Around 3 months. Fry are benthic and may be reared with adults.

Minimum Tank Size Recommendations: Because of the size of this species and the fact that they must be fed live baby brine shrimp and/or copepods, selecting the right tank is crucial. Generally we recommend keeping small herds in 2 to 5 gallon tanks. Advanced aquarists may find success in larger tanks, but generally you will need a larger herd for larger tanks.

Water Temperature: 72 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. 22 to 25 degrees Celsius.

H. Zosterae require live foods! You must be capable of supplying live baby brine shrimp to successfully keep this species!

Availability: Currently on hold pending the outcome of this species being listed on the Endangered Species Act (ESA)!   A petition was submitted by the Center for Biological Diversity to have this species listed.   Since it is illegal to buy, sell, trade or own animals listed on the ESA we have a hold on breeding this species until the Government makes a ruling.

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Note:  Most customers order multiples of this species.  In general, we try to give a mix of males and females.

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