Fenbendazole (Panacur) 10% Suspension

15 ml bottle.

Used by Seahorse enthusiasts for control of Hydroids and as a dewormer for non encysted Nematodes.

Hydroids are known to irritate and kill small species of Hippocampus sp. such as H. zosterae and seahorse fry.

For control of Hydroids - 1 to 2 mg/gallon. Give .1 to .2 ml per 10 gallons. Repeat treatment every other day for 3 treatments.

HARMFUL TO INVERTEBRATES AND CORALS! Effects may linger in aquarium, live rock or sand and any equipment treated.

Turn off skimmer and UV if running. After treatment a large water change should be done.

Comes with a 1 cc syringe for dosing.

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