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From our facebook group, Seahorse Source’s Group, links to each Topic of the Day Discussion.  Initially this was done as as daily topic but has since been changed to twice a week.  A topic is selected and then discussed by members of group getting different takes on the topic.  Designed to be a learning tool and discover other or better ways of doing things.  Listed are all the topics discussed. Sorted by date discussed.

Since Seahorse Source’s Group is a Public Group, anyone on facebook can view the topics.  If you find these helpful or want to learn more about seahorses and want to discuss or ask questions, please consider joining the group.


CANISTER FILTERS. Let’s discuss the Pro’s & Con’s of using them. October 18, 2018

RESCUING SEAHORSES (from stores or other individuals). When should we do it? When and why should we walk away from it? October 15, 2018

Does anyone use an Algae Turf Scrubber? What is it? How does it benefit a tank? October 11, 2018

Do you know when your Artemia cysts starts to hatch and when completed?
Why would this be important?
What is a simple way to check for hatching? October 08, 2018

Going to keep it light and fun today. Most seahorse keepers have a tendency to pick up different items that have seahorses on them, knick knacks, jewelry, paintings, etc. Lets see some pictures of what you have collected. October 04, 2018

For those that make their own Reverse Osmosis (R/O) Water, what tests do you perform on it and how often? October 01, 2018

When feeding adult Artemia (adult brine), how do you enrich it and what do you use for an enrichment? September 29, 2018

When you have a sick or injured seahorse, what if anything do you do to protect yourself, when handling the seahorse, equipment, medications and water? September 24, 2018

Who has Macro Algae in their Seahorse Display Tank? Which ones do you have? What lighting do have for them? What is the best source for Macros? September 20, 2018

Do you use a Protein Skimmer on your Seahorse Tank(s)? In the Sump or HOB? Which Protein Skimmer has been your best performer? September 17, 2018

Formalin. What is it used for? How is it used? What is the proper dosage? Where can it be found? What strength should used? September 6, 2018

Do you use a UV Sterilizer on your Seahorse Tank? If so, how do you have it setup, how many watts and what size tank? August 30, 2018

How do you handle a seahorse that is not eating? August 6, 2018

What is your favorite HOB Skimmer? Which is your favorite in Sump Skimmer?
Which skimmers have you had that you did not like? July 26, 2018

What lighting do you use for your seahorse tank(s)? July 19, 2018

What, if any, software do you use for management of your tanks, and information? Computer, IOS or Android? July 16, 2018

What tests do you perform on your seahorse tank? (Salinity, Ammonia, Nitrite, etc.) How often? July 12, 2018

Do you have a favorite book relating to seahorses? If so, which one? July 9, 2018

Hardiness of different seahorse species June 25, 2018

Safety in dealing with sick seahorses, medications and chemicals June 21, 2018

What vessel do you use for hatching artemia (baby brine shrimp – BBS) June 14, 2018

Tank Temperature for Tropical Seahorses June 11, 2018

Stocking density of fry tanks! June 7, 2018

What do you use for substrate in your seahorse tank(s)? Why? June 4, 2018

What do you use for a lighting schedule for your seahorses?, June 1, 2018

Mixing Different Species of Syngnathids, May 31, 2018

How long can a seahorse survive without eating? May 30, 2018

What causes fry to scratch? May 29, 2018

What is it about seahorses that attracts you to them or why do you like seahorses? May 25, 2018

When you are receiving seahorse shipments do you have them held for pickup or do you have them delivered to your door? May 24, 2018



PROBIOTICS – Does anyone use them with their seahorses & fry? May 21, 2018

Seahorse Mythology – There are lots of myth’s, facts that have been proven wrong or certain belief’s about seahorses that simply not true. May 18, 2018

How do you deal with unexpected fry? May 17, 2018

How do you collect your seahorse fry after they are born? May 16, 2018

What do you do for care of your seahorses when you have to go away? May 15, 2018

WEAK SNICK May 14, 2018

How long have you been keeping seahorses? What is the longest you have kept the same seahorse? May 11, 2018

Hitching posts for fry setups. – What do you use? May 10, 2018

QUARANTINE – Do you quarantine new arrivals before placing in the display tank? May 9, 2018

Let’s talk about tank height. May 8, 2018

What do you use or recommend for Clean Up Crew (CUC) in a seahorse tank? May 7, 2018

Let’s talk LFS (Local Live Fish Store) May 4, 2018

Siphoning fry and bare bottom tanks. How do you do it? What do you use? May 3, 2018

Let’s talk Electrical and Fire Safety May 2, 2018

Do you have macro algae in your seahorse tank(s)? If so, which ones? What is your favorite? May 1, 2018

At what point can you move fry you have reared to a display tank? April 30, 2018

What is your favorite Seahorse Specie and why? April 27, 2018

Seahorse Stocking Density for Display Tanks. – What do you recommend and why? April 26, 2018

Frozen Mysis. 1. Why and how to inspect it 2. Where to purchase 3. How long we should store it in a home freezer 4. How to prepare it for feeding 5. How to feed it. April 25, 2018