As time permits, we plan on adding some articles in an effort to help seahorse hobbyists.  Most will be articles that we write that will have a combination of information from our own knowledge and experiences that we have gathered over the course of years.  We will also post articles that have been contributed by customers, friends and associates that we feel will be beneficial.


TOPIC OF THE DAY – Discussion Archives
From our facebook group, Seahorse Source’s Group, links to each Topic of the Day Discussion. Initially this was done as as daily topic but has since been changed to twice a week. A topic is selected and then discussed by members of group getting different takes on the topic. Designed to be a learning tool and discover other or better ways of doing things. Listed are all the topics discussed. Sorted by date discussed.



Setting up a Tank for Successful Seahorse Keeping
A YouTube Video of a Presentation Dan did for the Florida Marine Aquarium Society on August 28, 2018

What is safe, questionable and not safe for tankmates with seahorses. – Tankmate Guide
A nice guide with pictures. – Seahorse Tankmates: What’s Safe, What’s Not?
Another nice guide that Tami put together.


Tips & Techniques to Improve Seahorse Fry Survival
A YouTube video of a presentation that Dan did for the 2018 Marine Breeders Initiative Workshop. A good primer for those interested in breeding seahorses. Presentation is about 55 minutes with another 30 minutes of Questions and Answers.

How to Successfully Raise a High Percentage of Seahorse Fry
A YouTube video of a presentation that Dan did for the 2012 Marine Breeders Initiative Workshop. Taken by a member of the audience so it is not professional quality but very watchable. 1 hour long. Full of information for the serious seahorse breeder.

A Scaleable Method for Raising Hippocampus erectus Revisited
A nicely written and illustrated article by Gary Henkel on how he has set up his fry system.

Fry System Build
A small setup that we used for experiments but could work well for home/hobby use.

A Scalable Method of Raising Hippocampus erectus
A very old article orginally written in 2004 and posted on  It is outdated but has some info and pictures that may be helpful.  It is still referenced by some so I am putting it up.  It will open as a pdf.


Dans’ Feed Artemia Enrichment
Description of product and directions on how to use it.

Frozen Mysis Part1: The Quest for Quality Food
Link to an article on  Very good article that all seahorse keepers should read.

Frozen Mysis Part 2:  The Science Behind the Food
Link to an article on  Part 2 of a very good article that all seahorse keepers should read.


Gas Bubble Disease
This document was written by the moderators of the Emergency Forum of It can be very handy if you need a prescription of Diamox from a Veterinarian. It is recommended that it be printed out and given to the Vet so he/she understands why you need the Diamox.  It will open as a pdf.

How to give a Seahorse a Freshwater Dip

How to Prevent Pouch Emphysema and Stop Re-Occurring Pouch Emphysema

Medicine Cabinet – What to have on hand for seahorse emergencies

Weak Snick
An article that describes what it is, how to prevent and fix this ailment.


Common Acronyms & Abbreviations