Shipping Information

We must have a physical address to ship to. We do not ship to PO Boxes.

We track all packages and for your convenience, forward tracking information to your email address.



In order to maintain water quality, we withhold feeding seahorses prior to shipment. They then go into a special holding tank(s) in preparation for shipment. We package as late in the day as possible to minimize the amount of time in the box. In most cases, we ship late in the afternoon and you will receive them the next morning. If you live in a rural route area, you may not receive them until late in the afternoon. Although our packaging is designed so that they may stay in the box comfortably for 48 hours, we try very hard to minimize this time.

We use FedEx Priority Overnight for all seahorse shipments. We have found them to be the fastest, most reliable and least stressed over other carriers.

FedEx does have the option of holding the package at their facility for pickup. We encourage this option, as you can normally pick them up earlier in the morning and it keeps them from bouncing around in their delivery vehicle. If you live on a rural route, you should give this option consideration. You may also consider having them delivered to your work place. In most cases, businesses get deliveries earlier in the day than residences.

Seahorses are shipped Monday through Thursday for next day delivery only.

Weather forecasts are checked prior to shipment and include the appropriate amount of heat or cold packs.


Live Foods and Refrigerated Goods

Are shipped in an insulated box with the appropriate heat/ice packs for conditions.  Many of these can go 2nd Day Air to save on shipping costs.  Some must go Overnight to remain viable.


Dry Goods

We use whichever option best fits the need based on cost, what is being shipped and where it is being shipped to. You may request a specific carrier or service, but this may result in an increase in shipping fees.