Seahorse Information
Used to be one of the most active seahorse websites on the web. Still has lots of information and advice, though many of the articles are becoming dated.  Forum is an excellent place for advice from some seasoned seahorse hobbyists.
A great website dedicated to Seahorses, Pipefish and Seadragons.  Also has a forum section.

 Reef Central
A large forum with everything to do with reef aquariums and more. Has a forum for Seahorse and Pipefish.
A forum in the UK that has a Seahorse and Pipefish forum.

 Felicia’s Aquarium Adventures
A blog by a professional aquarium photographer with a special interest in seahorses.

 Project Seahorse
International organization committed to conservation.

Commercial Seahorse Breeders outside the United States

Seahorse Canada
Canadian Seahorse Breeder

Seahorse Australia
Australian Seahorse Breeder

Hayden Systems Seahorses
UK Seahorse Breeder

Seahorsebreeder UK
UK Seahorse Breeder suppyling UK and Europe