How can I be sure of the quality of your horses and your customer service?

Feel free to search all of the seahorse message boards and ask others about us! We are very proud of our track record and feel it speaks for itself.


What are the advantages of buying directly from a breeder instead of a local fish store or online fish store?

There are several. First, you get the cream of the crop, directly from the breeder. Our finest specimens go to our retail customers. Second, there is less handling and shipping since there is no middle man. This means less stress to the seahorses. Third, the seahorses are exposed to less systems. In most cases, local stores buy from wholesalers who purchase from breeders or importers. Each has their own holding facilities and often they are on shared systems. Finally, customer support from a knowledgeable staff who is familiar with the specimen.


Are your seahorses Captive Bred?

Yes! Our seahorses are bred at our facility in closed re-circulating systems. Any seahorses that are not bred at our facility are clearly noted.


Are they trained to eat frozen foods?

Yes! All of our seahorses that we sell are fully trained to eat frozen mysis with the exception of H. zosterae (Dwarf seahorse). H. zosterae require live artemia (Baby Brine Shrimp).


Do you guarantee color?

No! We do not sell our horses based on color since seahorses can and do change colors. We cannot guarantee a certain color and we feel selling them by color can ultimately lead to customer dissatisfaction.


Can I request a specific color in my order?

You can always request a color preference and we will try to fulfill that request, but we cannot guarantee that the horse will arrive in that color or will remain or change to a certain color.


Can I request specific sex in the seahorses I order?

Absolutely. We have pricing for guaranteed sexing.


What is the difference between Captive Bred and Tank Raised?

Unfortunately these terms are often misleading and misused.

Captive Bred (CB) means that they are bred in captivity. This could be in closed re-circulating systems, in open water systems or in net pens.

Tank Raised (TR) means they are raised in tanks. This could be in closed or open systems. They could be CB or Wild Caught and raised in the tanks.

Our seahorses are both Captive Bred and Tank Raised in closed re-circulating systems.


What is a Mated Pair? Do you sell them this way?

This would be a pair of seahorses that has already mated. This term is often misused for marketing purposes. At one time it was believed that seahorses mated for life. This has since been proven as untrue. We don’t sell seahorses as mated pairs, but we do sell healthy specimens that can readily form a pair bond and mate.


Which brands of frozen mysis do you recommend and use?

We use both Piscine Energetics Mysis and Hikari Mysis.


Can I offer live foods?

Certainly! Offering live foods once or twice a week gives the seahorses some variety in diet.


Do you guarantee live delivery?



How well do seahorses do with shipping?

Actually, quite well. We go to great lengths to make it as stress free as possible. We package as late in the afternoon as possible and hand deliver them to the FedEx Facility. In most locations, you will receive them the very next morning. In most circumstances, the seahorses spend less than 24 hours in the package, usually less than 18 hours.


Can I choose to have my seahorses shipped with a method other than FedEx Priority Overnight?

Yes, but we will only guarantee live delivery with FedEx Priority Overnight. We also reserve the right to refuse shipping with a method that we feel is unsafe for the seahorses.


Can you ship regardless of the weather?

Generally, as long as the delivery service is able to get through, we can ship. We are experts at packaging and shipping the seahorses and we guarantee delivery of a live healthy specimen(s). Our shipping containers are insulated and include the appropriate amount of ice or heat packs necessary based on the forecast. If there is a blizzard, hurricane or some other event that will delay or interfere with delivery, we will hold off on shipping. If shipping has to be rescheduled, you will be notified and a new shipping schedule will be coordinated with you, prior to shipping!


What are the advantages of having it held at the FedEx facility for pickup?

Several! First, it reduces handling of the package. Second, it reduces environmental exposure such as high heat, cold, etc. Third, you can often pick up the package much earlier than if it was delivered to your door. Lastly, you don’t have to wait and watch for the delivery.