About Us

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Seahorse Source is a small family run micro hatchery for seahorses, owned and operated by husband and wife team Dan and Abbie Underwood.

We started out as hobbyists and quickly found that we were able to successfully breed seahorses. Based on this, the high demand for high quality specimens and their lack of availability, and the many, many requests for our seahorses, we founded Seahorse Source, Inc.

We began in September 2003. After many months of experimentation and planning we officially formed our business in January 2005.  Today we continue to study, experiment and seek new ways to enhance the success of captive bred seahorses not only for our own production but for the hobbyist as well. Our close ties and commitment to the hobby,  with commercial aquaculture and with researchers, puts us in a very unique position to work with our customers. Presently we ship seahorses to hobbyists, fish stores, public aquariums and researchers in all 50 states.

Our breeding program was designed from the ground up to fulfill the need for quality, captive bred seahorses. The program began with specimens that were personally collected or obtained from professional collectors. We hand picked the finest specimens for our brood stock. By starting off with wild caught specimens, and adhering to a strict breeding program, we were able to ensure genetic diversity.

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Our seahorses are maintained in closely controlled state of the art closed recirculating systems. This ensures our animals are adapted to the aquarium environment.

Each brood is carefully, lovingly reared and given the utmost in care. Many tedious hours of work goes into ensuring that future caretakers will receive only healthy, robust specimens.

By providing captive bred seahorses we are also able to play a small role in promoting seahorse conservation. High quality captive bred seahorses are easier to care for in the aquarium environment, and their ready availability reduces the demand for wild caught specimens.

We are a certified aquaculture facility, by the State of Florida, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Aquaculture Certificate Number AQ3266032.