Holiday Shipping Schedule

Monday, December 14th is the last day we will be shipping seahorses before Christmas. We will continue to ship other products. We will resume shipping seahorses on Monday January 4th.

In past years we have found each year it gets busier and busier just before Christmas as more people order online. FedEx estimates hiring 55,000 temporary workers for the expected increase in shipping volume. There has already been a record increase in volume. This can result in increased shipping times, changes in how packages get handled and overall increased pressure upon the delivery service. 3 years ago we found the loss rate from shipping jumped from well under 1% to over 50% the week of Christmas. For the sake of the animals, we have adjusted our shipping schedule.

New Products


Stock sizes or custom made.

Stock sizes are 4 inches wide X 6 inches tall with the following screens:
55 microns (Rotifers & Copepods)
125 microns (Artemia & Copepods)
250 microns (Copepods)
330 microns (Copepods & mysid nauplii)
500 microns (Large Copepods)
670 microns (Very large Copepods)

Custom sizes can be made. Let us know what you want and we can make it. Lead time will vary.

They can be found here!

Current Availability

H. abdominalis - available for retail, wholesale, & Public Aquaria

H. erectus

H. reidi - available retail only

H. zosterae - limited availability

H. kuda (H. taeniopterus) - Availabile retail only

H. comes - in production, available after the New Year