Flat Rate Shipping for Seahorses!

For all orders of a single tropical species except H. zosterae
$39.95. (Single Species Orders, CONUS only, HI & AK are custom quoted)
$29.95 for customers within Florida.
If ordering multiple species, there is a $10.00 surcharge for the increased size of the box.

For H. zosterae:
$29.95 (CONUS only, HI & AK are custom quoted)
$24.95 for customers within Florida

For H. abdominalis
$49.95 (CONUS only. HI & AK are custom quoted)

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Current Availability

H. abdominalis – available for retail, wholesale, & Public Aquaria

H. erectus – available

H. kuda – in production

H. hilonis – in production

H. comes – back in production

H. barbouri – currently out of stock

H. reidi – currently out of stock

H. ingens – resuming production

H. zosterae – currently not in production

H. taeniopterus – currently not in production